Mohawk Hair

Mohawk Hair

Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk in men is said to be carried down from the Native American heritage when the Mohawk tribes and the Mahican tribe walked the earth. They came from the Great Lakes area. The mohawk hairstyle they carried was not a result of having a salon shave the hair and instead, the members of the tribe would pull the hair out by the roots and only leave the middle section alone and at the length, it started from their childhood. The ones who wear it refer to the Mohawk in men as a scalp lock. The Mohawks worn before were usually left to be the natural color of the individual’s hair, usually black, but every so often the hair would sport a yellow to orange coloring to represent the sun shining. The style has been carried over into today’s society and has become a very popular punk style in men and a few women.

Mohawk In Men Today

As the style evolved so did the users wanted to achieve the desired look for an individualized style. The spiked look has been achieved by using eggs, soap, and the regular hair products designed to hold the hair in place. Some individuals even go so bold that they use glue to keep their hair up. The Indians who kept their hair in this style would raise their hair by using buffalo fat and only when they were going to fight in a battle. Other names for the Mohawk include: the death hawk, the tri-hawk, the liberty spike, and the fan. The Statue Of Liberty is said to resemble a spiked Mohawk in the crown she wears. This, however, is just a legend that is told by those who like the Mohawk in men style.

Getting Your Locks To Stand At Attention – Mohawk Hair

To get the Mohawk in men look you want, there are a few instructions you can follow to get the most height out of your style. The easiest and most common item is hairspray and gel. These products are designed not only to stiffen the hair but to hold it without damaging as glue would. You can try to use eggs but take out the yolks first. This type of holding agent is not really desired by most, as it smells awful and will spoil very fast in the heat. The same applies to the gelatin that can also be used but has a bad odor and can bring the bugs out to visit. It will hold the hair for days at a time though. For those that choose the glue method of holding the hair up, be advised it could make a mess if not used carefully. The best glue to use is regular school glue and not a super glue. Glue is better when the individual has a fine hair texture. Current trends in hair coloring today can bring you many color choices the early Natives did not have available to them. Reds, Greens, Purples, and rainbow colors have been used to name a few.

To Spike Or Not

The Mohawk in men is a very extreme hairstyle and should be done on those who are serious in it. This is not something that grows back easily and will take time to change. Most men who choose Mohawk hairstyle is a participant in the punk rock scene and are die hard fans of the style. The Mohawk is not necessarily done by a professional salon and can easily be done by the individual at home. Just shave the sides of the head until you have about a two inch to three-inch strip of hair left running from the back to the front. Make sure the sides are shaved close to the skin to get the best results. If you do choose this style for yourself, spike your hair high and have a blast with all the color choices you have to choose from.

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